First night in my place all by myself. This is the weirdest feeling. I put on Lost in Translation, wrote in this neat book I bought called '642 Things To Write About', took some pictures, and now I’m drinking some sleepytime tea and hoping that my mind lets me relax enough to sleep and get up for work tomorrow.

My house mate asked a very good question this weekend to me, and it was where do people even go for fun and or to meet new people? There is always bars, and shows, and meeting new people through new people, but all of those just seem super scary and awkward. I don’t mind meeting people at shows because right off the bat we have at least some sort of intrest right off the bat. But all the shows I want to go to are on days I work, or I can’t build up the courage to bus to Toronto for them.

Either or, I’m going to listen to DADS, drink tea, and sleep.

I hope everyone’s having a rad weekend.